Presets FAQ

Who are these presets for?

You, I and everyone with an inch of creativity and photography around us. I spent years perfecting them, so I hope you enjoy. 

What do I need to use your presets?

A computer (Mac or Windows)
A Lightroom CC subscription - Click here for a 7-day free trial. 
Some beautiful imagery of yours (both raw and jpeg files work, while raw files are preferred) 

What if I don't have a Lightroom desktop subscription?

Fear not! Download the Lightroom mobile app, purchase my Lightroom mobile presets and go wild. Instructions for how to apply these presets specifically are on the product page.

You can also sync all your Lightroom Desktop presets to your mobile app through your Adobe Creative Cloud account. 

How are your presets structured?

Mother Nature is the firstmost and final reason why I do what I do. She teaches and inspires my work, so instead of grouping my presets per location and make you pay every time I go to a new country, I decided to group them by the elements.

What is the difference between a raw photo and a jpg?

Think of it like an onion. A raw photo comes with all the layers. You might even tear up the more you explore all these facets. A jpg is the shell; one single layer representing everything of the onion you can see at first sight. No tears are shed in this case.
My mirrorless camera is set to raw mode, whereas my iPhone takes jpg images. I edit my iPhone pictures on my phone, whereas I import and edit my camera photographs on my desktop.

How do I download your presets?

A link will be both displayed to you following your payment and emailed to you. Click on the link, double-click on the files, and drag them into your Lightroom CC. 

How do I apply your presets?

1) Set your exposure first; especially if you tend to shoot underexposed.

2) Move your cursor over the preset pack and see what looks best.

3) Now, it's up to you! Change the temperature or maybe check the split toning section and see if you'd like to adjust something to fit your art best.

4) Don't be afraid to experiment and export a few different versions before you've nailed your vision completely. 

What if I feel stuck with the download or application of your preset?

Have you tried switching your computer off and on? Just kidding! You know where to find me! Message or email me, and we'll work it out together.

What next?

Review your order and earn yourself all the brownie points possible.
Oh and, most importantly, share it with the world and tag me in it. I am beyond excited to see your creations!