Edit My Raw Files

In 2020, we stay at home and create indoors. 

I thought one way I could help you practise your skills is by providing you with a bunch of free raw files I have shot over the last few years. 

Below, you will find 100 of my raw files from countries such as Uganda, South Africa, Iceland, Mexico, New Zealand, Italy, Austria, the US, Kenya, you name it! 

Happy creating! 

For a chance to get featured tag me @carmenhuter in your posts and captions and use #CreateAtHome

Much love to you all. We'll get through this together. Carmen x 

PS. For a reference as to how I edited these files, just scroll through my IG. They're all there. :) And if you have a specific shot in mind you'd like to edit, send the post through via DM. 


Please note, these files are under the sole ownership of Carmen Huter and not to be passed on to third parties or used towards any commercial partnerships whatsoever. These files are provided for private editing only. 

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