Photo Tour Reviews

Every aspect of the workshop exceeded my expectations. Carmen was always easy to contact and extremely helpful with questions before the workshop. The workshop itself was scheduled perfectly - we started the week with some epic hiking locations and finished with one of the most helpful discussions about editing that I've ever experienced. Ryan (Carmen's assistant) was also equally as knowledgeable and radiated such a positive energy. Both Carmen and Ryan were a joy to be around and such an inspiration. If you are on the fence about signing up for a workshop - DO IT! - you won't regret it. [Emma, USA]

This photography workshop was hands down one of the best (if not THE best) decisions I have ever made. I was unsure about signing up for something like this as I had never done anything like it before, but ultimately it was a huge investment in myself and I am so grateful I did it, it changed my life. The experience renewed my love for photography, the mountains and brought out so much confidence in myself that had been buried over the pandemic lockdowns. Carmen and David were incredibly welcoming with such positive energy, always there to help and answer any questions. The whole trip was immaculately organised, with some lightly challenging hikes and such incredible accommodation and locations to shoot in. Half the time I didn’t know where I was because I was so in awe of every moment (it was also nice to be taken on a trip I didn’t have to organise!). We were able to try different types of photography (astro, portrait) and even step in front of the lense and push ourselves out of our comfort zones within a safe and encouraging environment. Carmen’s editing session at the end of the trip was just as valuable as the on-location direction, providing tips in Lightroom I never knew existed. I have made long-term friends on this trip and was crying of laughter on several occasions. Meeting like minded people was such a valuable bonus that I wasn’t expecting, as I often struggled to meet people who loved photography and hiking so much. This workshop is a huge investment in yourself and provides life long memories. Do it for yourself and sign up. [Jade, Australia]

When I found out about Carmen‘s Alps and Dolomites Workshop I didn’t have to think about it for long and applied immediately and it was definitely one of the best decisions I have ever made. Already when I filled out the application form with all those personal questions, I knew that it would be an amazing week. It was the first time I did something like this and of course I was a bit nervous in the beginning but when I met Carmen all my fears were gone. It does not happen very often that you meet such a warm-hearted, easy-going, positive and friendly person. We met in Innsbruck and had breakfast with the whole group to get to know each other by sharing little pieces of ourselves before we went on our trip. Already on that very first day I knew that it would be a special week because Carmen did a great job when she arranged our group with all those amazing people. Everything was organized perfectly; we shared two cars and went to our first spot. After a short hike we reached the first hut and we were gifted with amazing views in each direction. From that day on every day and every location was so special and unique. We saw the most amazing sunrises and sunsets, had amazing hikes, many good and interesting talks and so much fun. Carmen always explained a lot and shared her hints and tricks with us. She always gave us little tasks to improve our photography skills, to think about what we want to capture on our pic and how to make the best out of it. What I really liked was the editing lesson at the end of our workshop where we were able to edit our own photos with the help of Carmen. The whole week was an outstanding experience for all of us. Carmen and David always looked out for all of us, motivated us when the hikes got exhausting, always with a smile on their faces and positive vibes. The accommodations, which reached from shared dorms with bunk beds to luxurious hotel rooms, were always great. Food was delicious with options for vegans and vegetarians. What I like most is that we all were able to step out of our comfort zones, we got to know each other better day by day so that in the end it felt like we were a little family and therefore I am super happy. I still look through the amazing pictures and videos so often and I am so thankful that I was able to be a part of this wonderful trip. I would definitely go on this workshop again and I can recommend it to everyone. Go for it, you won’t regret it!![Katharina, Austria]

Der Workshop im September mit Carmen und David war eine inspirierende Erfahrung! Ich habe die 6 gemeinsamen Tage in den Bergen (inmitten atemberaubender Locations!) extrem genossen, und konnte mich wahnsinnig schnell auf die Workshop Teilnehmer sowie unsere einfühlsamen Workshop Leiter einlassen. Carmen und David verstehen es, die Gruppe zusammenzubringen, sodass sich jeder wohlfühlt und man sofort in einen gemeinsamen Flow findet. Die Wanderungen waren wunderschön, und (für mich) nicht allzu herausfordernd. Die Fotografie-Sessions waren dafür umso lehrreicher, da ich doch eher noch dem Beginner-Level zuzuordnen bin, auch was die Ausrüstung betrifft. Nichts desto trotz helfen Carmen und David dabei, dass man das Beste aus den eigenen Bildern herausholt, wie man Bildkompositionen schafft und nehmen einen auch bei der Bildbearbeitung danach an die Hand. Darüber hinaus habe ich die Gespräche sehr genossen, die sich in der Gruppe ergeben haben - diese waren berührend, beeindruckend und lehrreich, um nur ein paar Eigenschaften dieses Austausches zu nennen. Jedem, der in Punkto Fotografie den nächsten Schritt gehen möchte und offen für Neues ist, was Menschen und Persönlichkeiten angeht, dem kann ich Carmen's Workshop nur wärmstens empfehlen! [Sigrid, Austria]

Herzensempfehlung Wenn du gerade darüber nachdenkst diesen Workshop zu buchen - tu es! Der Workshop war gefüllt mit unvergesslichen Momenten, wunderschönen Sonnenaufgängen, sternenklaren Nächten, inspirierenden Gesprächen und viel Spaß! Ich habe nicht nur viel über die Fotografie (Kreativität) gelernt, sondern auch über mich selbst. Ich würde mich als Anfängerin in der Fotografie bezeichnen und konnte durch den Austausch mit der Gruppe einiges über die Techniken und den persönlichen Stil von Fotografie mitnehmen. Carmen stand der Gruppe immer mit wertvollen Tipps zur Seite. Die Abläufe und Übernachtungen waren super organisiert. Schon vor der Reise war Carmen bei Fragen leicht zu erreichen. Bei unseren gemeinsamen Abendessen hat jeder drei Dinge aufgezählt für die er/sie dankbar ist und eine Sache die er/sie an dem Tag gelernt hat. Dabei wurde uns bewusst, wie viele wunderschöne Momente wir jeden Tag erlebt haben. Learning of the week - Ich kann viel mehr erreichen, als ich mir selber zutraue. Ich muss nur über meinen eigenen Schatten springen. Danke Carmen für die Organisation, deine Ehrlichkeit, deine Natürlichkeit und deine Unterstützung. Danke David, dass du mich mit deiner Begeisterung fürs Bergsteigen, Fotografieren und Paragliden angesteckt hast. Bleibt so lebensfrohe, herzliche Menschen, wie ihr seid! Ihr habt mich sehr inspiriert! [Selina, Germany]

This trip brought me so much joy! I had such a good time going on all the beautiful hikes in Austria and Italy, sleeping in the cozy mountain huts and alongside all of our adventures shooting beautiful photos. My favourite part of this whole experience was probably meeting so many new, kind and very talented people. After just one week we all got along so well and I would love to meet all of them again! Carmen and David (her assistant) were so nice and extremely helpful with any questions revolving around photography or any other adventurous topics. They also helped us think outside the box when shooting portraits or getting your photo taken. I just loved that I never felt left out and we all cared for each other. We got up early in the morning for sunrise and went to bed late at night pretty much every day (got super lucky with the weather, hopefully you will too) and still the day was over in no time. What can I say... time flies when you're having lots of fun.[Max, Austria]

I cannot understate the value of Carmen’s workshops. From professional camera settings, intimate knowledge of some of this planets most stunning peaks, engaged deep discussions about wide-ranging health, travel, snacks and culture topics and a profound in-depth demonstration of her photography editing processes - just to name a few aspects of the great value it is to jump on an opportunity to learn from her (and her assistant, too!) I had the chance to gain all of this knowledge and so much more when we scaled the Dolomites, slept in cozy mountain huts and beheld the most incredible sunrises and sunsets I’ve ever witnessed. All thanks to Carmen. These are some of the learnings and memories that have changed my outlook on life, for the better. I’m so very grateful!! [Jessica, USA]

To say the workshop was a once in a lifetime experience would assume I won't be able to join Carmen for another trip in the future, and I'm simply not willing to risk making that assumption. Instead, I'll just strongly advise anyone who enjoys photography, the outdoors, or both, to apply to join future workshops. Unless you're allergic to jaw dropping landscapes, world class (and super patient) instructors, delicious food, and wonderful new friends. Then you should definitely pass. [Brandon, USA]

This trip was nothing but incredible! The locations during this workshop were breathtaking, but it was not just about location or the gear. It's a combination of that and starting each day with the intention to learn, to be open, to envision the image we want to capture and make the best out of each condition and scenario. All of us learnt something different and something new each day and from each other. Both you and Ryan looked out for the team and motivated us to step outside our comfort zone. Before this trip, I was having a creative block. I did not expect to gain so much by the end of the trip and it's motivated me to explore photography more and for that, I thank you. Honestly, I have no negative feedback. The accommodations were great, food was delicious, you chose a great mix of people and we got along really well. You looked out for me and all of us. [Maisarah, Malaysia/UK]

If you're questioning whether or not to take this trip, DO IT! It's an absolute must - it will change your life. By no means am I a planner. Traveling has always been stressful for me because I want to make the best of every moment possible and see ALL of the things. Traveling through Austria & Italy with Carmen & Ryan was better than any travel experience I could have ever imagined. Carmen grew up in Austria and will take you to ALL of the travel spots. I mean, computer background, office art, and Instagram worthy destinations. Carmen does an amazing job of making the whole crew welcomed and tight-knit. This is is super important considering how much time you'll be spending together. There's a lot of stress that can come when traveling to a new country, and one of my favorite parts of this trip, was how stressfree I was. Traveling to a new city almost every day, we NEVER had to worry about where the next stop was, or what time check-in/out is, etc. I was at ease knowing everything was taken care of. I felt like the theme of the trip was to seize the moment - we shot all sunrises and all but one sunset for the entire trip, and pulled off the road plenty of times for "the shot". Carmen & Ryan alike, have a pep in their step, positive vibe, and will constantly leave you with a smile on your face. Prior to this trip, I knew little to none about photography, Carmen & Ryan were so accommodating when it came to all of my beginner questions. Helping me find the right composition, choosing the right settings, I was even shooting in Manual before the end of the first day. Carmen & Ryan are both so welcoming, open-minded, nonjudgemental creative people, I really enjoyed the time spent with them, growing my photography skills. I have never cried more happy tears than I did on this trip. I still find myself looking back on videos and pictures in Euphoria wondering how I was so lucky to go on a trip of a lifetime with a group of people I will never forget. [Tara, USA]

It has been over a month since I went on this magical workshop with Carmen and Ryan. Admittedly this was the first time I'd ever done anything like this but I knew right off the bat that this was no ordinary workshop. That first hour, we spent sharing a little piece of ourselves - not our skills or equipment list, just us as we were in that moment. You'll realise when you look at the application form that the questions are about YOU with just a couple about your equipment etc. 
Carmen and Ryan were all too ready to share their experiences and knowledge with us. They taught us both on and off the field. The sights were definitely awe-inspiring. We stayed in very comfortable lodgings, including the mountain huts (be sure to dress warm for the night if you're always cold like me!). The thing I liked most of all was that at the end of that week, we became a family. 
I could honestly go on for pages but I think the best thing would be to recommend you find out for yourselves! [Smyrna, Ireland]
I applied for Carmen’s Italian Dolomites workshop unsure that my hobbyist level skills were enough to qualify me for this trip. Carmen responded to my concerns quickly and suggested that my less than expert level of knowledge would be ideal for a trip like this because you get one-on-one attention and are picking up skills/tips/tricks from everyone else on the trip as well. My goal going into it was that I just wanted to improve, connect with others who shared my interests, and get to hike and soak in the beauty of Austria and Italy along the way. Well, I got that and so much more! 
Not only were Carmen and Ryan incredibly skilled and creative, but also contagiously enthusiastic about the process and beauty of the places we were capturing. Each of us got an opportunity to step in front of the camera too, which really helps me behind the camera more than I ever knew it would! We had plenty of time to learn and immediately put our new knowledge into practice, were given ideas about composition but the freedom to wander and create our own, and had relatively stress-free travel because of their planning efforts (no small feat!). The restaurants we stopped at were superb local spots, and we had the advantage of an interpreter for menus! 
Carmen and Ryan went above and beyond to make sure everyone had a good experience and got the opportunity to try a lot of techniques and equipment. Even when weather did not cooperate, we kept moving and even made the fog work to our advantage. I’ll also mention that Carmen managed to arrange one of the best massages of my life for the end of the trip when my muscles ached from all the hiking (well worth every bit)! Talk about ABOVE AND BEYOND!
One of my favorite moments, though it’s hard to pick, was when we got to go Mountaineering in Italy! We were in the dark with a local guide, strapped to the side of this mountain in a harness, navigating rocky terrain and climbing for what seemed like forever. But when we reached the top, it was the biggest feeling of accomplishment in my life - like I could conquer anything. I still carry that with me months after this adventure.
There’s also something to be said about the special people that Carmen brought together to attend the workshop. It was evident that she carefully selected people who had the right heart about it and genuinely wanted to learn, respect each other, and work together. My first meeting with the group was so welcoming, and throughout the trip I continued to find authentic personal encouragement from each and every person in our group. The group was diverse across countries and ages, but we all wanted to learn and understand one another and to just enjoy each other. We laughed all day every day! These people will see you at your worst - up before sunrise, runny nose from cold weather, sore and tired from all the adventuring - but it definitely moved us past pleasantries quickly to be able to get to know each person in the group in a real way. We are still connected and check in on each other because we genuinely like each other, and I continue to be inspired by them.
There were countless picturesque places we stayed or passed through that it’s impossible to pick a favorite. The entirety of the trip was just beautiful and felt like an absolute dream. I just consider myself blessed to have been able to share it all with such amazing people.

In short, what I expected:

  • Cool Photos
  • New Skills
  • Hiking Experience

What I got:

  • All of the above, plus
  • Unforgettable experiences and wonderful stories
  • Genuine connections that last long after the trip
  • Confidence in my abilities to try new things and conquer what seems impossible (beyond photography)
  • So much contagious enthusiasm to share with others.
Thank you Carmen and Ryan for all that you did and continue to do to support, inspire, and encourage us! Thanks to everyone in my tour group for teaching me so much and caring for me so well! Worth every penny!!! Don’t let fear stop you from signing up for this adventure! [Ashlee, USA]
Dearest Carmen, On lots of reflection following our alps workshop. Words truely can’t describe the experience I had. I’m still pinching myself as I slowly make my way through some of the moments I captured.  To experience the amazing places you chose were one thing, but sharing it with such beautiful down to earth like minded humans was truely life changing for me. Not every day you meet people who share the same passion for creativity, adventure and life. And wow to have all of this in one experience blew my mind. Carmen your skills and knowledge both in front and behind the camera have taught me so much to take away and grow with. Carmen, you are one amazing woman!! I have followed your creative journey for a while now and to be able to join you on this trip was one of my biggest highlights. You really are that beautiful person you express and more! Ryan- Wow, I know why Carmen chose you to join her. Not only were you a beautiful compliment. Your knowledge and ability to teach was so valuable. I walked away feeling like I made a group of friends for life. I really hope we cross paths again. :) I may have came home in the search for my next workshop too. Thank you thank you thank you! I wish you both so much love for the future where ever it takes you. [Nicole, Australia]
Joining Carmen and Ryan on the Photography Tour through the Alps & Dolomites last September from NZ was the best thing I could have ever done.  Travelling abroad to Europe for the first time I felt safe knowing that I was meeting up with a group of like minded humans.  The value that I got from this tour was far more than I could have ever hoped for.  A group of awesome humans came together for a week of high energy road trips, out of this world sunrise and sunset adventures, mother nature appreciation of all her grandeur, alpine lake swims and growing from strangers to companions.  Combine this with the high calibre of technical advice on photography and editing in a hands on setting, and you have the perfect holistic week of adventuring in a mindblowingly beautiful part of the world.  Thank you Carmen for putting so much of yourself into creating a tour of such value and for the steady support, enthusiasm and talents of Ryan alongside you, together, a perfect combo of tour guides.  I have memories, personal growth and photo's that will stay with me for my lifetime, Thank You, Nga Mihi, Namaste. [Briar, New Zealand] 
I expected so much from this tour: Advanced knowledge in photography, new ideas for photo compositions and new techniques for editing my photos. All this was fulfilled, but much more. During this week I made new friends from all over the world who are as crazy about photography as I am, want to get up at 04:30 to climb a mountain peak at sunrise, run laughing into ice-cold mountain lakes, dance to classical music on pass roads, discover a beautiful photo motif behind every normal corner and devour delicious Italian food and unhealthy snacks all day long. I couldn't be more grateful to Carmen and Ryan for sharing with us not only their knowledge but also their passion for photography and for allowing us to be part of their wonderful journey for a week. I really hope our paths we'll cross again. [Johanna, Germany]
At the time I saw that Carmen announced the dates for her workshops I had just bought my very first camera. I could only imagine what an awesome experience it would be to become a part of one of these workshops. But as a complete beginner, I was kind of afraid that my knowledge in photography would not be enough to participate. Fortunately, I took the plunge and decided to apply anyways.I am so grateful that I did! Meeting people from all around the globe and becoming so close in only a few days was just amazing. Together we hiked to catch some of the most stunning sunrises and sunsets I have ever seen in my life. And even though I live just a few hours away from most of the places we went to I learned to see my surroundings from a different perspective.Carmen and Ryan were the perfect team - they have always been patient with explaining how to set up your camera for the situation we were shooting and helped us out whenever needed which was amazing.Thank you for taking care of everything and especially everyone! :) I can definitely say that I learned a lot during that week and I came home with pictures that I would have never thought I would be able to create beforehand. Even months after I look back and just feel inspired to go out there and have fun with photography. Thanks to everyone in the group who made this workshop a once in a lifetime experience. I really hope our paths will cross again! [Daniela, Austria]
I've been following Carmen's work and publications for some years and always admire her photography style and what she transmit through it. But more recently I started to follow her and be more conscious about her lifestyle and life philosophy, and she had become not only a great photographer for me but an amazing human being, and I started to admire her for both things.
Her photographies captivated my eyes but her way of living and caring others made me wanted to know her in person. And the reality exceed expectations. 
Photography wise, she had offered us and amazing tour in her childhood area, spreading her enthusiasm for the outdoors and for the amazing nature we have around us and many times we don't really appreciate. Sha had no secrets for us, showing how she get ready for a photo, sharing her knowledge and tricks, encouraging us to check other perspectives than we are used to.
Personal wise, it has been an amazing pleasure to spend a week with her. Her passion for living is contagious, and is amazing to see how a person who has traveled the world so much as she has done already is able to still get so excited for little things as every bite of italian food we tried, a sunrise in the top of the mountain after a super early hike or a perfect shot she just captured!
I cannot write those lines without mentioning Ryan. He is happiness in person. He has been an amazing partner during this week and his love for outdoors and passion for photography had been an amazing  +++  for this trip. Is an amazing positive soul and caring person, and I have to personally thank him for cheering me up during those early hikes. I know without him I would have giving up the end of the trails and always regret not getting to the top! The best way to describe that week is saying that I've been completely HAPPY in every moment, sharing experiences, personal talks and life with strange people that became family, and being grateful for every breathtaking moment we spent together. Thanks both for sharing your passion for photography and make us more passionate! Hope you THE BEST of the best because you deserve it and wishing to meet you again soon! [Ester, Spain]