Desktop Presets - NEW


This is the holy grail of desktop presets. If you’ve ever been wondering how I edit the photos on my Instagram, this collection holds all my secrets. 14 unique presets will give you the opportunity to improve your editing game, learn more about what goes into a well-balanced photograph and, ultimately, serve you as a stepping stone to tell your very own story and help you create more than you consume.

My 14 desktop presets cover astrophotography, underwater shots, golden hour light, sunsets and sunrises, deep blues, light blues, basic settings, vibrant greens, autumn colours; you name it. 

No photo or light situation is ever quite the same, so please remember to adjust your exposure and temperature as a minimum. Always crop the photo to even out the horizon. All of this will help give it that final touch of magic. This is an important step you shouldn’t miss. Naturally, creating during the right time of day where the light is nice and soft is a significant bonus.

These presets are designed for Lightroom Desktop  (OSX and Windows) and are compatible with RAW and JPEG photos, although they will work best on RAW images. They are not compatible with Lightroom Mobile.