Aoraki / Mt Cook National Park From Above

There's one thing you need to know about New Zealand. Its weather does whatever the heck it wants. I so often get reminded of it when I'm out on the road and I love it. It keeps me on my toes and continually teaches me to embrace new environments.

Most recently, my friend Benny and I were getting ready for a scenic flight down south to Milford Sounds (I know, epic right?!), when storm clouds passed through and we found ourselves in a car headed north instead. What I didn't expect was to be sitting inside a helicopter in quite literally the next best place - Mount Cook National Park - just a few hours thereafter. When one door closes, ... you know the rest ;).

Thank you to the team at Helicopter Line for being so accommodating and welcoming at a shorter than short notice. There's truly no better way to gain new perspectives than by scaling alpine heights. Follow this linkto do the same. 

Now, sit back and scroll yourself through one of my favourite national parks in this world. Welcome to the home of Aoraki! Who would have thought that the glaring midday sun would make for such spectacular conditions? 

Happy travels! Carmen x 

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