Where to Stay - Sherwood Queenstown

First Impressions
Were we to make assumptions, nothing particular springs to mind when first stepping onto the Sherwood property. A refurbished lakeside motel from the 70's, reasonable rates, a comfortable bed, close to Queenstown. That's that.

But wait!

Lucky you for not judging a book by its cover! In the midst of tourism central, the Sherwood doesn't feel like a hotel. Much the opposite, they genuinely understand the concept of fostering community and treating both body and mind with the respect they deserve. The environment is considered not just when it comes to washing one's towels (oh, the hypocrisy of modern-day tourism is wild here in Aotearoa). No, instead, the materials used to refurbish the tired motel are just as local and environmentally friendly as are the breakfast spreads, blankets and everything in between. We're talking a full spectrum yoga and mediation schedule, organic gardens, even ayurvedic massages. 

Connection and calm are essential to the Sherwood experience; making me return season upon season. 

  • A herb garden with heirloom fruit and vegetables.
  • An outstanding restaurant which sources ingredients from the garden and local farms. Vegans eat just as well; no eye-rolls were encountered. 
  • A dual slalom bike track and bikes.
  • A yoga studio with all the trimmings.
  • A ski and bike workshop.
  • A traditional tipi in which to hide. (I'm saying - typing - this in the non-creepiest way possible.)
  • Rooms start from $130NZD a night. The range goes from Queen bunks to family apartments, with the apartments ultimately providing best value and the lakefront ones being the noisiest. 
  • Very child-friendly. And I'm not just saying this, my nieces love it!

There's nothing forced, noisy or sterile about this place. The Sherwooddoesn't bother with the perfectionist and pretentious nature of large luxury hotels. It is a rare find of authenticity and community. I suggest you use this as your refuge in-between exploring all the South Island gems your itinerary will fit. Bring your journal, sit by the fire, actually meet locals, look over the lake, and maybe just be.

“Happiness, not for another place, but this place, not for another hour, but this hour” 

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